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Mee Tree” is one of the most traditional and eco friendly trees found in Sri Lanka. It is said that the name “Mee” has been used due to the sweet nature of the flowers of the Mee Tree.

Prior to use the coconut oil in ancient times, Sri Lankans used “Mee Oil” to lighting their homes and for cooking. And also in the past, parents used to light a “Mee Oil Lamp” when their children were studying at night. The ancient Sri Lankans believed that the steam of the ‘Mee Oil’ lamp give coolness to the eyes and it also supports to brighten the eyes. Further, ‘Mee Oil’ was heated and applied for almost all the pains and aches of hands, legs and muscles.

After giving a birth to a child, the mother was exposed to ‘Mee Oil’ smoke daily to restore her body to normal condition. And also people used to light ‘Mee Oil’ lamp on all four corners of the house due its antiseptic properties. It is also said that ‘Mee Oil’ has the ability to strengthen the nerves in our body. ‘Mee oil’ is one of the most important oils used in the treatment of fractures. An also ‘Mee Tree’ is very useful in farming and its leaves are a valuable fertilizer.

Isn’t this a divine tree?