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Pol Sambola” – The most loved dish
In Sri Lanka, “Pol Sambola” (coconut sambol) is used as a garnish or as a side dish for a number of staple dishes, including rice and curry, pol roti (coconut roti), paratha, or string hoppers. It is even sometimes just spread over slices of bread that can be buttered.

“Pol Sambola”, these two words will always tingle the taste buds of any Sri Lankan, living anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. If you haven’t eaten ‘Pol Sambol’ you are not a Sri Lankan.

How to make “Pol Sambola”?

Traditionally and very simply, the method is grinding the fresh shredded coconut with dried red chilies, onions, green chilies on a rectangular block of granite with a granite rolling-pin, which is known as a ‘miris gala’ (chili stone) in Sinhalese and then seasoning with a bit of salt and lime for taste. But each Sri Lankan family has their own version of a ‘Pol Samobol’, like sautéing the ‘Pol Sambol’ in mustard seeds, curry leaves, and adding Maldive fish and adding chopped tomatoes, etc.

“Pol Sambola” is very popular in Sri Lanka, where it can be found anywhere from humble homes in rural areas to high-end restaurants in the capital city Colombo.

“Pol Sambola” is a truly Sri Lankan experience, in fact, a phenomenon.

Just try it once, you’ll love it!”