Welcome to Aswedduma to experience the nourishment full and rich with traditional and cultural touch of Sri Lanka.
Eat is a necessity, but to eat mindfully is an art
By transcending nature and engaging in various activities contrary to nature, the human being now become a victim of various diseases and has fallen into a state of great misery. Various studies across the globe shown that in order to survive from communicable and non-communicable diseases that are plaguing the entire world, one must immediately return to the traditional diet which eaten by generation over generation.
We line up to carry the traditional way forward
Aswedduma, offers traditional foods (paramparika hela ahara) in Sri Lanka which are rich in nutritive properties in developing the human body, boosting the immune, naturally detoxifying the body and preventing various illnesses. Our supreme goal is to provide toxic free, healthy and nutritious foods cultivated based on traditional and environmental friendly agricultural practices.
Keep the tradition and legacy alive
We feed you not only with traditional and real foods. We also nurture you with the pride of the traditional and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka that has been passed down and preserved from generation to generation.